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Rowena Galavitz, M.A.


Areas of expertise:

arts and humanities | literature | religion | art | Mexico | Spain and Spanish America (1600-1850)

I am a copy editor, translator, instructor, and researcher. In my copyediting role, I work with nonfiction texts in the arts and humanities, and some fictional works in both English and Spanish. I translate literature, mostly women from Latin America, and academic or art history texts from Spanish to English.

As an instructor, I teach courses about literature, languages, religious studies, and writing. My academic and archival research focuses on women's literary and artistic production in religious contexts, particularly in early modern convents of the Spanish-speaking world.

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Recent publications

My translation of "The Seamstresses," Elena Poniatowska's short story about brave women who formed a textile workers' union in Mexico City after the 1985 earthquake, was published by Toad Press in November. Find out more here.

The Seamstresses, Veliz Books.jpg

I just finished copyediting a memoir in English by a former professor of linguistics, and I am about to start proofreading a book in Spanish by a Harvard-based psychologist.

—June 2023

Recent editorial work

Translation projects in the works

I am working on the translation of an award-winning novel by an up-and-coming woman writer from Oaxaca, Mexico.

I was accepted to the 2022 Manuscript Workshop of the Bread Loaf Translators' Conference in Middlebury, Vermont, to work on a translation of a book manuscript, and, between various entities, I received a full scholarship to attend.

Literary conferences

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