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Rowena Galavitz, M.A.


Areas of expertise:

arts and humanities | literature | religion | art | Mexico | Spain and Spanish America (1600-1850)

I am a translator, copy editor, instructor, and researcher. In my copyediting role, I work with nonfiction texts in the arts and humanities, and some fictional works. I also translate literature, mostly women from Latin America, and academic or art history texts from Spanish to English.

In addition, I teach courses about literature, languages, and women's history—and I research women writers and thinkers, particularly early modern Spanish-speaking convent writers.

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Rosa de Lima collage, detail.jpg

Recent publications

My translation of "The Seamstresses," Elena Poniatowska's short story about brave women who formed a textile workers' union in Mexico City after the 1985 earthquake, was published by Toad Press in November. Find out more here.

The Seamstresses, Veliz Books.jpg

I just finished proofreading a memoir in Spanish for a major publisher.

—April 2023

Recent editorial work

Literary projects in the works

I am translating a novel by a Mexican woman writer and a book of poetry by a Chilean woman writer.

I was accepted to the 2022 Manuscript Workshop of the Bread Loaf Translators' Conference in Middlebury, Vermont, to work on a translation of a young Mexican writer's novel, receiving a full scholarship between various entities.

Literary conferences

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