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Rowena Galavitz, M.A.



arts and humanities | literature | religion | art and art history | Mexico | Spain and Spanish America (1600-1850)

I am a copy editor, translator,  instructor, and writer/researcher who works in English and Spanish.


In my editing role, I copyedit and proofread nonfiction texts in the arts and humanities, trade paperbacks, and dissertations. I also edit works of fiction. As a translator, I translate academic material, art history texts, and literature from Spanish to English.

I've taught courses at the university level in languages, literature, and writing. Nowadays, I help advanced learners of English polish their oral and written communication skills. 


Equipped with three master's degrees (thus the M.A.  ), I write and do research about the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking countries. My academic and archival research focuses on women's literary and artistic production in early modern convents of the Spanish-speaking world. 


Hipolita de Jesus manuscript.jpg
Rosa de Lima collage, detail.jpg

Recent publications

My partial translation of Ghost Horse by Karina Sosa Castañeda was published in Latin American Literature Today's "Seeking Publisher" section. This beautiful, award-winning novel tells the story of a quirky young woman in an unusual circumstance: Ka discovers her mother, who abandoned her in childhood, has died and come back to haunt her. Read more...

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