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I derive great pleasure from teaching about languages and literature. I enjoy teaching courses on a wide range of literatures, including world literature and women’s literature. In my classes, I often emphasize issues of race, gender, class, and coloniality; I also discuss the religious aspects of the text, which often get overlooked. 

I currently coach advanced English speakers online so they can perfect their oral and written communication. We often work with real-world materials such as articles, literature, films, videos, podcasts, art, music, or students' own writing so that the class has a practical aspect to it.


I have worked with college students, MA and PhD students, and professionals working in environmental affairs. I sometimes do live, online editing with my students so that they can learn why I make the choices I do. Contact me for more information today!

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University courses taught

Success Starts Here

First-year experience college success course. Writing and research. Citation. Textual analysis.

Second-Year Spanish

First and second semester of the second year. Oral and written communication. Culture.

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

Introductory course with attention to literary, cultural, philological, and historical aspects. (associate instructor)

So, You're Undecided?

First-year experience. Assessment of core values and career goals. Readings on mindset and work ethic.

Introduction to Religion: Theories and Interpretations

Foundational and contemporary theories in religious studies and scholarly thought. (associate instructor)

Writing the World

English composition. Textual analysis of classic and contemporary literature. Research. Academic integrity.

English as a Second Language

Multiple levels of ESL at Mexican universities. Oral and written communication.

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