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After a year-long stint as a bilingual elementary school teacher in Brooklyn, my teaching career began in Mexico where I was trained as an English as a Second Language teacher and taught at two universities in Oaxaca over the course of several years. When I returned to the States, I first taught second-year Spanish at Indiana University and later taught classes in the Department of Comparative Literature and the Department of Religious Studies at IU.

My greatest joy is teaching about literature and writing. Although I specialize in sixteenth- and seventeenth century texts by Spanish-speaking convent writers, I enjoy teaching courses on a wide range of literatures, including world literature and women’s literature. In my classes, I often emphasize issues of race, gender, class, and coloniality; I also discuss the religious aspects of the text, which often get overlooked. When teaching English composition for two years at IU, I helped first-year students improve their academic writing and research skills.

have developed syllabi on the following subjects:

  • Women Who Wrote: Literature and Religion in the Premodern World

  • The Long History of the End of the World

  • Radical Women. 

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