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writing and research

Academic writing

My academic writing and research has focused on early modern convent writers and artists in Spain and Spanish America. I wrote my master’s thesis, “Corpus to Corpus: Text and Interior Bodily Space in Two Visions by Hipólita de Jesús,” using queer theory to analyze two mystical visions by this multilingual woman writer who lived from 1551 to 1624 and published over 20 works, some of which were banned by the Inquisition. For this project, I did archival research of handwritten manuscripts and early print books in Oaxaca, Mexico, and Barcelona, Spain, for which I won two grants from Indiana University.

I researched and wrote a book chapter in Spanish called

“ ‘Convento espiritual’ de Hipólita de Jesús: un texto simbólico, un espacio dinámico” which appeared in the book Reforma católica y disidencia conversa: Diego Pérez de Valdivia y sor Hipólita de Jesús y Rocabertí en Barcelona (1578-1624), published in 2020 by Editorial Academia del Hispanismo. I argue that Hipólita imbues the architecture and people around her with literary symbolism at the same time she subverts traditional religious tropes and elevates the status of the convent nuns. The chapter includes the first annotated transcription of the original work, “Convento espiritual.”  

I have also researched and presented at conferences about an unusual poetic collage by a Peruvian saint, Rosa of Lima (1586-1617), called Mercedes del alma/Escalera espiritual. I won a Tinker Grant to go to Lima in 2017 to research this piece and other letters written by Rosa. I am currently working on an academic article where I examine material, textual, and visual aspects of the collage and argue that it is probably a collective work.

Rosa de Lima, Escalera espiritual (detail), cut paper, fabric, and ink, ca. 1614. Photo by Rowena Galavitz.

Content creation

My content creation, to date, has taken the form of blogs. As a recipient of a graduate fellowship in Renaissance Studies at Indiana University, I wrote blogs on the subject of archival research in early modern archives in Spain, Mexico, and the Lilly Library.

Nowadays, I research and write about Hispanic/Latino culture and history, and the Spanish language. I write blogs about everything from Mexican holidays to languages in Peru to adjectives in Spanish. Check out some of my recent work in my writing portfolio!

Hipólita de Jesús, Libro primero.png
Hipólita de Jesús, Libro primero, Valencia, 1679.
Reforma catolica y disidencia conversa, cover.JPG
María Laura Giordano, ed., Reforma católica y disidencia conversa: Diego Pérez de Valdivia y sor Hipólita de Jesús y Rocabertí en Barcelona (1578-1624), Editorial Academia del Hispanismo. 2020.
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