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  • How much do you charge?
    I use the Editorial Freelancers Association's Editorial Rates as a guideline ( However, these rates are over two years old, so my rates may be somewhat higher than what's listed, or less if you're a graduate student (because I offer a discount). I charge additional fees for rush jobs, and there is a minimum charge of $50. In nearly all cases, I request a copy of the final publication for my records. Please consult with me via email for more details.
  • What do you need to give me a quote and begin my job?
    The most important thing I need to give you a quote is your document. This will be made much easier if your document is in Word. If you do not yet have the document, I will ask you a series of questions in order to give you a quote beforehand. Please write to me and I will send you a form to fill out. Remember that any documents you send me are strictly confidential.
  • How long will it take to do my job?
    TRANSLATION Translation is complex work and good translation can be time-consuming, especially when the text is sophisticated. The time it takes to translate your work can vary widely. If it's poetry, it might take me an entire morning to translate one line. In the case of prose, I tend to translate about 2,000 words per day, but this is not a hard and fast rule. And I need time to let the translation sit before I can proof it. EDITING I usually estimate the time it takes to do your editing job by doing a sample edit. However, occasionally a job grows complicated mid-text. In that case, I will inform you of any new calculations. In general, I edit or proofread between 5 and 10 pages per hour. To track my hours, I work with a strict timing system.
  • For editing, do you make the changes directly to my text?
    For documents in Word, I use track changes. This means that you can approve the changes one-by-one or as a group when you receive the document. For documents in Adobe Acrobat, I generally indicate the changes to be made in the comments section. If you like, I can directly intervene in the text, but you still have the option to reject my suggested changes.
  • Do you have samples of your editing or translation work?
    I would be happy to provide you with one or two examples of my editing or translation work. In all cases, I have received permission from the client to share these documents, or I have erased identifying information. Sometimes I simply provide a link to my online work.
  • Do you charge for sample editing or translations?
    Each editing job is entirely unique even when it comes from the same author. Indeed, each editing stage is different for any given document. Because of this, for my new clients I offer to edit three pages of your text over 20 pages free of charge. If you decide we are a good fit, we can proceed. (To be clear, a standard page is a 12 point standard typeface, double-spaced.) Translation is different. You give me a finished text and I give you a finished translation. You are also able to look at previous examples of my work. Therefore, I charge for translation samples, which generally run from 500 to 1,000 words.
  • In the case of a translation, will it be proofread?
    After I translate the first draft, I check it against the original, and then I keep polishing my work through subsequent drafts. I proof it multiple times until it's perfect. However, it's always recommended that another set of eyes does the final check. That's why we'll need to discuss who will be proofing the job before settling on a price. This question is included in the intake form I mentioned in the first FAQ on this page. It is highly recommended that the translator check the final proofs of a book, which of course implies an extra charge, usually 15% of the original price. Your publication is worth it.
  • What are your payment terms?
    I accept checks, bank transfers, or ideally PayPal. Payment is due within 30 days, but most clients pay me a few days after they receive their job. For large jobs, I require a deposit. Payments can be divided into two or three payments.
  • How do we document our agreement?
    For most jobs, a simple email will suffice to document our agreement. In the case of books, we often draw up a standard contract.
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