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Mexico 101: Apartment Stays in Mexico

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Find out how to quickly adapt to Mexico and fully enjoy your stay! This course is designed to help visitors to and new residents in Mexico understand the basics of daily living. Especially helpful for the newcomer who is staying in a house or apartment, the course covers topics such as arrival, food shopping, utilities, health and safety, public transportation, etc. Mexico 101 consists of twenty-five videos of approximately five minutes each. In total the videos comprise about two hours, and the short length makes it easy to listen to a few as you are at the gym or in your car! By the end of this course you’ll be able to: • Be confident in your ability to pack for and arrive in Mexico...and get to your apartment or house. • Be able to shop for and prepare food as well as order at restaurants. • Handle issues of food and general safety. • Know how to get around and use your devices in Mexico. • Be saavy in terms of special diets, disabilities, and other diverse needs. Here is the full list of topics

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